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Providing Excellence in Security

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All of our Security Guards, Static Guards and Security Officers are monitored whilst on site.

Experienced managers are on hand to provide support should the need arise.

As part of our quality assurance for service delivery, key points can be placed throughout the premises or site. We can provide you with up to date information on the productivity and effectiveness of our Security Officers looking after your business.

Security signs can also be installed around the site to act as a further deterrent.

Reception/Security Officer

The role of a reception officer is a specific function. Protecting property and staff, whilst maintaining a professional interaction between clients and visitors.

We understand that ‘first and last impressions,’ plays a critical role in an individual’s perception of both the service we provide to a customer and of your organisation.

Multi functional Security Personnel provides a cost effective solution to meet both your administrative and security requirements.


Global Security  uniformed Retail Security personnel provide a professional high profile presence within the retail environment.


This gives both a physical deterrent together with a higher level of security and safety for both employees and customers alike.

Our uniformed officers provide full security security service by identifying and observing known or potential shoplifters, and also by conducting staff searches, and undertaking warehouse delivery checks.

Working closely with plain clothed Officers & floor staff, helps maximise the loss prevention function within the store.

Retail Security